Celebrities & cocktail rings.

Celebrities & cocktail rings.Don’t you just love to hold the gorgeous diamond stud and show it off around? Holding your wine glass in style or shaking hands in the old fashioned way or just simply holding your man’s arm, just to display your elegant ring, while making others green with envy is just another attitude of a diva.

Cocktail rings, a latest trend in the fashion industry, help you unleash this hidden style diva in you. These rings are anything but conventional. They are loud, oversized, may be full of bling and they demand attention. Their glamorous look mixed with chic designs give an instant boost to your outfit, as well as your personality.

They are also known as “Dinner Rings” or “Right Hand Rings”. In spite of the name, cocktail rings are worn nowadays with any outfit, day or night. So whether it’s a chilled out Sunday brunch or a red carpet evening, you can steal the limelight anywhere in your cocktail ring. The key is to match it to your dress, carry it with grace, suit it to your personal aura and not make it look misplaced. Cocktail rings are usually worn on the fourth finger of the right hand. However, you can be sure of everyone’s looks on you with the cocktail ring well settled in your index or middle finger.

Also, who can forget the class exuded by the women of the 1940’s and 1950’s, who wore their large studded rings as a status symbol. With their long flowy gowns, they had big beautifully cut stones as their rings. Cocktail rings earlier came as solid, coloured gem stones like topaz, sapphire, amethysts etc, diamonds and pearls. Nowadays however, we get to see some contemporary designs, lots of colour and different cuts applied to the diamonds to give the rings a sleek chic look. Inspired by various geometry, flower and animal themes as well as modern artistic designs, cocktail rings are coming in bold and sophisticated designs. Designers are also using with materials like platinum to make some very sleek cocktail rings. Many cocktail rings also stand out for their antique and vintage appeal. Such classic rings look beautiful on cocktail dresses, giving a traditional touch to your look.

Celebrity fashion icons have for long been flaunting huge coloured rocks and classic elaborate motifs on their rings and have graced many a gossip and fashion magazine’s pages. Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore, Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie and many more have grabbed centre stage for the gorgeous cocktail rings they have adorned on their fingers.

These fashionistas wear their rocks with a confidence, attitude and elegance that command notice. As is with cocktail rings, they are beautiful, striking and love to stand out from your other accessories. So go ahead, set free the fashionista in you and wear that large coveted design on your finger, while the others ogle in shock and awe or even drool with envy.

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