Cocktail rings in fashion accessories

Cocktail rings in fashion accessoriesJewellery is quickly becoming part of who and what we are, part of our identity; most women own at least one piece of jewellery that she never does without, but then adds on additional pieces to complement various outfits, fit with the current season, and stay on top of the most current fashion trends.

The hottest items out there in terms of current fashion are sure to be cocktail rings — and the bigger, bolder, and “blingy-er” the better. Countless celebrities can be found sporting gorgeous cocktail rings with everything from sweat pants to formal evening wear. And the choice of cocktail rings is limitless: you can drop $7.00 on one at your local discount store, or go all out and purchase one with real precious stones for an unlimited amount of money.

Cocktail rings come in an endless variety. Some are made with precious metals: 14 carat gold, white gold, and even platinum. These more expensive cocktail rings are usually topped off by semi-precious or precious stones: amethyst, ruby, emerald, on and on. The stones may be one large center rock or could be numerous smaller stones clustered together to create fascinating and entrancing designs. Mixing a variety of different stones together is also a trend being seen by jewellery designers; doing this allows for greater versatility of wear, as one of the colored stones may exactly match an outfit, thereby making the overall look really “pop.”

If you want to stay away from a price range that starts in the thousands, however, you have no worries. As mentioned before, practically every common store—from Wal-Mart to Target—has an amazing selection of cocktail rings. There are cocktail rings to suit every style, taste, color, and finger size. You can mix and match your cocktail rings with any outfit—and not break the bank doing so. A very good option that fits between the two extremes of really expensive and exceptionally inexpensive is to purchase cocktail rings made of sterling silver set with semi-precious stones. These pieces are best found in specialty shops that focus on jewelleryand accessories or can be located online, where there are hundreds and hundreds of sites devoted to jewelleryand only jewellery.

So how do you make a cocktail ring really work for you? First and foremost, remember your own personal style: are you conservative or a rebel? Do you party all night or turn in by 10:00 p.m.? Answering these questions will give clues as to which sort of cocktail ring works best for you. The more conservative jewellerybuyer should probably opt for the more expensive pieces made of precious metals and stones, and make that ring her “signature” piece. On the other hand, the rebel can let loose a bit more: buying cocktail rings in every color and style and accessorising with them to the hilt.

One last tip: regardless of the type of cocktail ring wearer you may be, remember the cardinal rule regarding these beautiful over-sized baubles: less truly is more. Even the wildest dresser should never try to get away with more than two cocktail rings worn at once—otherwise you’ll end up detracting from your overall look rather than complimenting it perfectly.

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