Men's wallets

Men love their wallets. Money, family photos, old letters, credit cards, bills, business cards, identity cards and everything else finds a place in the small rectangular case with lots of pockets. Maybe that’s why men love it. It is small, compact, low maintenance, holds everything a man needs and fits snugly into the jeans or shirt pocket, without much fuss. And since, it is the one accessory they are sure to use everyday, it is very likely for men to take time to choose the right kind of wallet.

Since men are so obsessed with their wallets, they naturally want to stylise it their way. Hence, today we get men’s wallets that come in various sizes and styles, according to his needs. Men’s wallet fashion has truly come of age.

Men’s wallets can have one or two folds, depending on the number of pockets it holds. Mostly, however, we see men having bi-folded wallets. Some men’s wallets even have chains to hold to their jeans pockets. However, it is important to buy good quality men’s wallets. As they are subject to folding and frequent use, the leather quality must be strong. Although high quality men’s wallets may come a little expensive but they will be totally worth it.

Men’s wallets fashion has something for all kinds of men. Men’s wallets in dark colors like black, burgundy, brown etc, made of leather, usually attract the professional, serious men. These have many pockets for notes and cards and look very formal and sophisticated. Some of them even have money clips attached. These money clips work great to ensure the cash doesn’t slip out of the wallet.

Many designer houses make such classic men’s wallets for their clientele. These designers have explored different colors and styles and it is due to them that today men don’t mind a little twist of fashion or color to their serious looking wallets. They have proved that a simple accessory like men’s wallets can also prove to be subtle fashion.

For the cool, uni student, men’s wallet fashion offers light colored wallets, made of fabrics or leather. These do not have many pockets and mainly fashion oriented. Even the rock and punk loving crowd loves these kind of wallets as they look very flashy and come with chains that complements their look.

With so many styles and colors available in men’s wallets, they have become an easy gifting option for men. Many women like to personalise the wallets they gift by engravings or notes inside.  And well, they have good reason to. After all, no woman wants her man to remove a bad wallet when paying her bills!

 So ladies and gentlemen, here is one fashion accessory beneficial to both of you!

Whether it is holding your precious money safely or making others cringe at your eye for detail and style in simple accessories, men’s wallets are an important fashionable statement every man ought to make.

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