Silver earrings

Silver earrings.Silver earrings are sure to be a real must-have nowadays. That's because silver is a very versatile material: elegant, shiny, chic, sophisticated, trendy. It all depends on what you are wearing at the moment and what kind of silver earrings you purchase. You may go for pearl silver earrings, which are very loved by classy and business women, or for a pair of diamond silver earrings, which are more suitable for important events, such as night parties, red carpets, gala dinners and so on...

On the other hand, if you are more likely to wear casual attire (even at work), there is a wide range of silver earrings you may choose from, to emphasize your look and give it a touch of “light”.

You may not believe it, but there are a lot of men and women out there who actually prefer silver to gold, as they consider it more sophisticated and less flashy. That is why silver jewellery is so widely appreciated and silver earrings, in particular, come in so many shapes, varieties and designs.

Their elegance is natural, simple, subtle and fresh, which make them suitable for any occasion. However, not all silver is created equally and the main difference is to be found in its purity. When you shop for silver earrings and the sales person tells you it is “just silver”, that means that the silver earrings you are going to purchase are made of an alloy of silver, which actually makes them less precious.

Sterling silver earrings, on the contrary, are defined as “pure”, when they really are not, as they contain only 92.5% silver.One thing's for sure, if you are willing to buy 100% pure silver earrings, you will not find them, unless you purchase some silver and create them yourself. Sterling silver jewellery is, anyway, a fantastic alternative for those who care for the “purity” of their jewels and be sure that silver connoisseurs will notice the difference. Besides, it is very well known that most women love all things sparkling and sterling silver earrings are sure to be shinier than normal silver.

Also, there are many ways to keep your silver earrings polished. If you wear them quite often, some buffing treatments with a cotton cloth will surely do; if you haven't used them for a long time, there are many polishing pastes and products available on the market to renew your silver earrings. Another positive aspect of silver earrings, is their uniqueness. In fact, they really come in thousands of shapes and, if you can not the find the one to your liking, you may ask your jeweller to create it for you! In spite of that, most women are quite “conservative”, as the best selling silver earrings have always been and still are hoops and chandeliers. So, men, if you are looking for a breathtaking gift that will make your woman truly happy, opt for a beautiful pair of silver earrings: success is guaranteed !

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