Silver earrings

Silver earrings

From hoops to chandeliers to studs, silver earrings have been adorned and loved in various styles since time immemorial.

Earlier, silver earrings were worn on by the rich, privileged and high fashion oriented women at evening parties. Today, with the number of exquisite designs at reasonable prices in silver earrings has attracted a vast number of men and women to experiment with this sizzling jewelry piece.

Women have been in love with the sparkling metal because of its affordability, malleability and the elegance it exudes, since a very long time. Silver earrings give a gorgeous shine to any ensemble, be it formal or casual.

 A lot of working women wear small silver earring studs with pearls over their formal wear. As they are very graceful, hassle-free and do not dangle in between the hair, pearl with silver earrings make the working ladies look very sophisticated and professional. Silver earrings in pearl look classy even at day events like meeting, brunches, races or other sporting events as they look subtle, but stylish in the sun.

Diamond silver earrings go more with evening parties and red carpet events. They are available in various classic designs, with hint of diamonds, shiny cubic zirconium crystal and seashell material. Diamond mixed with silver is a great hit on the chandelier style of earrings. Long diamond with silver earrings removes the necessity of a necklace and is a red carpet style of many celebrities and socialites.

Sterling silver that is 92.5% silver is used to create the gorgeous designer silver earrings, dangling hoops and chandeliers that almost every woman loves to flaunt. However, a lot of sterling silver earrings have become a male fashion trend in recent times. With so many men getting their earlobes under the knife, men are flirting with the idea of wearing small silver earring studs and hoops to make a fashion statement. A lot of antique and vintage sterling silver earring designs are also in vogue nowadays.

One good thing about silver is that it goes with every colour. Hence, it can be fused beautifully with different coloured stones or with yellow or white gold to make some lovely designs. Silver has a lustrous shine, that doesn’t look too shiny or too dull; it enhances the dress’s appeal while finely showing off its classy and delicate persona. Also, it looks good on every skin tone.

However, silver earrings can get rusted in air and pollution. Although there are solutions available, it is also safe to use mild soap and water or baby toothbrushes to clean them. Also, while wiping the earring, it is best to pat it in a soft cloth. Paper, polyester and course fabrics that contain wood fibers harm silver and it is advisable not to use them for cleaning or storing silver earrings. Silver earrings should be stored in a cloth and sealed in a tarnish free bag, away from other metals in order to protect them from tarnish.

Just a little care and you can embellish your day or night wear with your exquisite silver earrings. Be well assured that they will not let you down.

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